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       OPEN CALL
       Collective Becoming: The Urban Caress



Collective Becoming is a cultural initiative whose main objective is to promote the collaboration amongst artists in order to develop projects that artists have conceived of, but that they cannot develop individually. Some of the reasons why an artist may not be able to develop a project by himself are:
• working under a low budget (for example, an artist has conceived of a collective performance, but he cannot afford to hire performers),
• lacking a specific knowledge (for example, an artist has conceived of a piece that involves welding, but he does not know how to weld),
• the excessive amount of time needed for completing a project (for example, the creation of a project that may take several months for a single artist, may only take a few weeks if the artist is helped by a team), etc.

The concept of Collective Becoming refers to our capacity of achieving goals together, and it translates into the mutual collaboration amongst artists in order to develop each artist individual vision.

Through Collective Becoming, artistic projects that otherwise would be highly difficult to execute, become a reality through a collaborative effort.

The Urban Caress is an invitation for artists to create projects that make of the streets of Berlin a better place, a place less hostile. Artists are invited to create public performances, ephemeral installations and experimental works that transform, improve, enchant, embrace, and magnify the life on the streets of Berlin.

The Urban Caress is principally directed towards artists working in the fields of public performance art and ephemeral installation because creating a less hostile environment requires gestures (performances, installations) directed towards the opposite (the gentle, the caress), in the space where hostility takes place, the street, the public space.

The Urban Caress is the third project that will be developed under the concept of Collective Becoming. The Urban Caress is under the umbrella of Collective Becoming because creating a less hostile environment is a “collective” effort, through which the life that takes place on the streets “becomes” something better. Besides this, performance and installation projects, especially when conceived for the public space, are ideal to be developed under the concept of Collective Becoming; because they usually involve the collaboration amongst several individuals. For example: assistants in the process of installation, performers in a collective performance, a videographer for documenting the audience interaction with the performer or the installation, etc.

Following the concept of Collective Becoming, all artists selected for The Urban Caress will work together in the development of each artist individual project.

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For applying send the following information to:

• Biography

• Images and links to video-documentation of your work

• Project proposal for 'COLLECTIVE BECOMING: The Urban Caress'

• Description of how your proposal fits into the theme of 'The Urban Caress' (300 words max.)

• Link to your website

• Resume