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     COLLECTIVE BECOMING: Expressions of
     Love, Freedom and Resistance

     COLLECTIVE BECOMING: The Urban Caress


“The search for peace and harmony is an endless human endeavor. I feel that we live in an increasingly violent and unstable time, and I think it is important to counteract violence and fear by promoting art performances that inspire tolerance and mutual understanding.”

                                                                                                                                      Verónica Peña, Curator of Collective Becoming

Collective Becoming is an ongoing Performance Art initiative of international scope that wants to contribute to the abovementioned endeavor by fostering collaboration amongst artists to promote empathy, freedom, and human unity. Expressions of Love, Freedom and Resistance is the second project to be developed under the umbrella of Collective Becoming. The first project, called The Urban Caress, took place in 2015 in Berlin, Germany, as part of the Month of Performance Art. Through an open call, The Urban Caress invited artists to create art performances that would transform the city into a less hostile place.

Collective Becoming: Expressions of Love, Freedom and Resistance is a Performance Art experiment and exhibition. Artists living in different locations within the United States were asked to enact a performance in a space of public use in the area where they live. Purposely with almost no other information than the title of the call, artists Hector Canonge (New York), Kathryn Cellerini Moore (Oregon), Joseph Ravens (Illinois), and Kledia Spiro (Massachusetts) were invited by curator Verónica Peña (Indiana) to perform, and video document their performances. The exhibition at SAIC Sullivan Galleries presented the video documentation that the artists themselves edited of their performances. Peña’s idea of instigating public expressions of love, freedom and resistance in multiple locations within the United States was partially motivated by a desire of sending a positive response to the uncertainty caused in the country by the current socio political atmosphere. Peña was a Visiting Artist at the SAIC Art As A Social Force: Experimental Exercises Of Freedom class.

may 28 2015

School of the Art Institute of Chigaco, Sullivan Galleries, Hélio Labs
December 10 - 12, 2016  

Artists: Kledia Spiro, Joseph Ravens, Verónica Peña, Kathryn Cellerini, and Hector Canonge.

collective becoming the urban caress